Trust is the CORE of Accrete. We are committed equally to both Clients & Candidates, shrouding the business with utmost confidentiality.

Hence emanates our 4C Principle:

Client Consultant Candidate Confidentiality being on the same plane

ACCRETE is a boutique retained executive search firm specialising in leadership hiring / niche / mission critical and Gender Diversity roles across industry and functions.

ACCRETE   means to bond and grow together. When Client, Candidate, Consultant Bond and Grow together achieving organisational success, we have achieved our objective.

Ambitious organisations need transformational leaders. Today there are multi-dimensional challenges in hiring the right leaders This is a complex process which originates much before the hiring plan sprouts or evolves and endures long after getting the “Right Fit” on board. Accrete Executive Search is the LINK connecting the two worlds–Organisations with the Right Talent to Bond and Grow together.